We plant a tree for every candidate we place

On behalf of every candidate that starts a new job via RGB, we plant a tree into the Forest of RGB. 

We’re committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly services, so in a bid to offset our CO2, we’ve partnered with Tree-Nation to support their programme with the fight against Climate Change and Deforestation. At the end of every month we'll plant trees for all the candidates we've placed that month.

With deforestation across the world increasing at an alarming rate, more CO2 is released into the atmosphere causing devastating effects on our planet.

Why Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a reforestation initiative aiming to stop climate change one tree at a time. Through various sites all around the world, they’re facilitating tree planting projects to capture CO2. The reforestation projects also help with threats against terrestrial biodiversity, where many species are on the brink of extinction.

You can check out our forest and the positive impact it’s having with capturing CO2 here.

Read more about Tree-Nation here.