RGB Network's specific approach to recruitment

Since 1999 we have been working in partnership with our clients to help them build and grow their companies. We meet with you to understand your business, ethos and culture to ensure we match candidates accurately to your requirements. We enjoy building long term working relationships with a range of businesses from small independent companies to large, corporate, multinational firms employing thousands of people.

What we do differently to our competitors:

Identifying your recruitment need and providing a solution
We aim to understand the structure and nature of your business, what you are trying to achieve by recruiting and how we can best assist you. We then let you know what talent is available in the market place and what recruitment solutions may best suit your needs.

Qualifying candidates, clients and jobs
For us, this is the most important part of our jobs. We will ask a lot more questions than our competitors do in order to really understand you, your business, your role and what our candidates are really looking for. This allows us to best sell your opportunity to the marketplace, write better adverts and match appropriate candidates to your position. By taking this approach we will better match CVs for your role, reduce your time on irrelevant interviews and increase your retention rate of staff recruited through us.

Understanding the technical aspects of your role
We are not here to match words on a job spec to those on a CV. We take time to make sure all our consultants know what our clients and candidates do. This allows us to identify candidates that fulfil not only your job specification, but also their career aspirations as well.

Our database and network
At RGB Network we have an extensive database and network of candidates that has been consistently grown since 1999. We subscribe to numerous industry jobs boards, social media platforms as well as advertising on relevant websites and in industry publications in order to attract the best talent. By providing a professional and market leading service to our candidates we also receive numerous referrals that are usually exclusive to us.