RGB Network's range of recruitment services

We’re not here to fill a vacancy, but to help you build a business. With this in mind, we offer a range of options to ensure that your recruitment needs are met with strategic and creative solutions including:

Permanent recruitment
For permanent recruitment we fully qualify your company and role in order to understand why you are recruiting and what you are looking for. We will then promote your vacancy to all relevant candidates on our extensive in house and online databases as well as to our well established networks on social media platforms. For relevant candidates we fully qualify them in relation to your job to assess suitability for both parties. We will then manage the full recruitment process through to a candidate starting and beyond. This includes: managing counter offers, checking references and following our in house compliance procedures as well as after care when a candidate has started.

For a permanent placement we charge a one off placement fee when the candidate starts

Temporary/ contract recruitment
If you do not require a candidate on a permanent basis then there is a range of temporary or contract options available. For these options we follow the same recruitment process and compliance procedures as above. Contracts can be for: a set period, a rolling contract or cover ad hoc assignments.

For a contract placement you will be charged an hourly or daily charge rate which will be inclusive of all national insurance contributions and statutory holiday pay entitlements.

Fixed term placements
This solution is used when you have a set period you want to employ someone for, but you want to employ them directly as an employee rather than as a contractor.

For a fixed term placement you will pay a placement fee for the agreed period. At the end of that period you then have the option of taking the candidate on for another fixed term placement or taking them on permanently for an agreed fee.

Retained assignments
If you require a bespoke project based search solution then we can also provide this option. This is usually most appropriate when: standard contingent recruitment techniques have proved unsuccessful; your role is of a sensitive nature; you wish to partner with one agency on a particular position; you wish to own the candidates generated through the recruitment process so they are not presented to other clients or your are looking for a number of candidates at the same level.
In this option, in addition to the service provided by the permanent solution, you also get: your role worked on exclusively by a RGB Network senior consultant and resourcer for the duration of the project; candidates will only be presented to your company during the retained assignment project period; you will be given agreed project timescales as to when you will receive a shortlist, when interviews will take place and finally when candidates are likely to start.

For a retained assignment the fee will be payable in three stages on project commencement, on delivery of short list and finally when a candidate starts